For Certification, a technology must have demonstrated confidence of continued effectiveness: i.e., it will perform as intended, conform to the seller’s specifications, and is safe for use as intended. In addition to the benefits provided under Designation, Certification allows Sellers of antiterrorism technologies to assert the Government Contractor Defense that immunizes Sellers from liability for claims arising from acts of terrorism. Technologies that receive Certification will be also placed on an Approved Products List for Homeland Security. Designation is a prerequisite for Certification.


Phoenix International Ltd.

Approved: December 10, 2018 | Expires: December 31, 2023

Phoenix International, Ltd. V provides MagnumSpike! Tire Deflation System (the "Technology"). The Technology is a portable tire deflation system composed of an expandable array of interlocking, nylon slats from which metal alloy spikes protrude. It is intended to either to stop a moving vehicle that represents a threat or, alternatively, to detain a suspicious stopped vehicle. The Technology also includes all attendant technical manuals, hands-on training and training materials, and safety guidelines.

Smiths Detection, Inc.

Approved: November 26, 2018 | Expires: December 31, 2023

Smiths Detection Inc. provides Smiths Detection Service Operations (the "Technology"). The Technology is support services for the maintenance of its own X-ray screening and explosive trace detection systems in use by customers. The Technology includes on-site and in-house services such as repairs, warehousing, training, spare parts and helpdesk support.

L-3 Communications Security and Detection Systems, Inc.

Approved: October 22, 2018 | Expires: November 30, 2023

L3 Security & Detection Systems, Inc. and L3 Technologies, Inc. provides eXaminer Explosives Detection System and attendant services (the "Technology"). The Technology is a line of high-speed computed tomography scanners designed to scan parcels for explosives and other potential threat objects. The Technology also includes attendant manuals, checklists, and technical documents related to the Technology.

AtHoc, Inc.

Approved: September 20, 2018 | Expires: March 31, 2023

AtHoc, Inc., provides AtHoc Networked Crisis Communications Suite (the "Technology"). The Technology is a modular network-centric system that automates the end-to-end bi-directional crisis communication process, delivering mass-notification (AtHoc Alert); personnel accountability (AtHoc Account); situational field reporting, duress activation, and situational awareness (AtHoc Collect); customizable interorganizational communication networks (AtHoc Connect); and a mobile application (AtHoc Mobile Application). The Technology also includes optional installation services and optional software hosting services through a third-party data center.

The Southern Company

Approved: September 19, 2018 | Expires: October 31, 2023

The Southern Company and its named subsidiaries provide the Cybersecurity Risk Management Program (the "Technology"). The Technology is an enterprise-wide cyber risk mitigation program that advances Company cybersecurity goals in electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, gas services, business corporate services, and other activities. Administered at the board, executive, and management levels, the Technology manages cybersecurity risk through governance, strategic direction, network security and data protection, business assurance, incident response, training, and policies and guidance.

MorphoTrust USA Inc.

Approved: September 10, 2018 | Expires: January 31, 2021

IDEMIA Identity & Security USA LLC, provides Universal Enrollment Services ("UES") (the "Technology"). The Technology consists of hardware, software, and services necessary to provide and maintain enrollment services and centers, including such services as gathering biographic information, capturing biometric data, and issuing credentials.

MorphoTrust USA Inc.

Approved: September 10, 2018 | Expires: October 31, 2019

IDEMIA Identity & Security USA LLC, provides Document Authentication (the "Technology"). The Technology is a suite of products that, taken together, allow for the acquisition of information contained in personal identity documents, and for comparison of the acquired information against relevant document databases.

New Meadowlands Stadium Company LLC

Approved: September 06, 2018 | Expires: September 30, 2023

New Meadowlands Stadium Company, LLC, a Delaware limited liability corporation, provides the MetLife Stadium Security Program (the "Technology"). The Technology is an integrated security program composed of physical and electronic security measures, policies and procedures, and personnel, designed to detect, deter, prevent, respond to, and mitigate Acts of Terrorism for use exclusively at Met Life Stadium, inclusive of the Stadium and parking lots, during National Football League ("NFL") Game Days, Non-Game Days, and Special Events.

Delta Scientific Corporation

Approved: August 22, 2018 | Expires: September 23, 2023

Delta Scientific Corporation provides Vehicle Barriers and bollards designed to act as obstacles that prevent vehicles from being used to attack buildings, facilities, and infrastructure (the "Technology"). All SAFETY Act-protected models of the Technology are constructed from steel and have been tested using American Society for Testing and Materials test standards.

Queens Ballpark Company, L.L.C.

Approved: July 27, 2018 | Expires: August 31, 2023

Queens Ballpark Company, L.L.C., a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Sterling Mets, L.P, and other listed Sellers, provide the Citi Field Security Program (the "Technology"). The Technology is an integrated security program composed of physical and electronic security measures, tools, procedures and personnel designed to detect, deter, prevent, respond to, and mitigate Acts of Terrorism at Citi Field during Major League Baseball Game Days, Non-Game Days (In-Season), Non-Season Days, and Special Events. The Technology includes 24/7 security coverage and incorporates systems and security practices as well as the selection and maintenance of electronic security measures and the hiring, vetting, training, and management oversight of its employees and contractors.