For Certification, a technology must have demonstrated confidence of continued effectiveness: i.e., it will perform as intended, conform to the seller’s specifications, and is safe for use as intended. In addition to the benefits provided under Designation, Certification allows Sellers of antiterrorism technologies to assert the Government Contractor Defense that immunizes Sellers from liability for claims arising from acts of terrorism. Technologies that receive Certification will be also placed on an Approved Products List for Homeland Security. Designation is a prerequisite for Certification.


Rapiscan Security Products (U.S.A.), Inc.

Approved: June 29, 2016 | Expires: July 31, 2021

Rapiscan Systems, Inc. provides Baggage and Parcel Inspection Systems (“BPI” or the “Technology”). The Technology is non-intrusive X-ray devices using ionizing radiation, software, and hardware to create a display for an operator of a density-based picture that outlines shapes and material types contained in baggage, parcels, or other containers. This Technology is designed to be effective against conventional explosives or incendiary weapons to include improvised explosives. Also included in the Technology are associated products and services such as: operation and maintenance training; system installation and integration; preventative maintenance; warranty and maintenance services; spare parts; personnel qualifications; technical manuals; image interpretation aids; system removal; peripherals; and software and hardware upgrades.

Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc. and Leidos, Inc.

Approved: June 06, 2016 | Expires: June 30, 2021

Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc. and Leidos, Inc. provide the CT-80, CT-80DR, and CT-80DR+ Explosives Detection Systems (“EDSs” or the “Technology”). The Technology is used to screen items, such as checked airline baggage, for the presence of explosives. It is based on compact, dual-energy computed tomography. Additionally, algorithms used in the Technology software reconstruct an item's contents and analyze the contents for the presence of explosives in an automated manner. SAFETY Act protections apply to models of the Technology that the U.S. Transportation Security Administration has certified as EDSs.

Prepared Response, Inc.

Approved: May 23, 2016 | Expires: June 30, 2021

Prepared Response, Inc. provides Rapid Responder (the “Technology”). The Technology is a web-based software application that provides access to critical facility information enabling authorized first responders and managers to view pre-determined tactical response plans while responding to an emergency and assist in the coordination of an on-site response to emergency incidents. The Technology includes training and maintenance services.

MitiTech, LLC

Approved: May 05, 2016 | Expires: May 31, 2021

MitiTech, LLC provides the Safetydrape™ and Safetydrape™ Defender II (the “Technology”). The Technology consists of blast mitigation curtain systems. It is installed inside of buildings along areas covered by windows in a manner similar to traditional drapes, in order to lessen the number of injuries and fatalities associated with glass shards propelled by an external explosion or bomb blast. The Technology also includes instructions on installation and maintenance; certification of personnel who perform manufacturing, installation, and maintenance; and manuals and technical documentation.

Green Bay Packers, Inc.

Approved: April 25, 2016 | Expires: May 31, 2021

Green Bay Packers, Inc. provides Lambeau Field Security Program (the “Technology”). The Technology is the Applicant’s implementation of the National Football League’s (“NFL”) Best Practices for Stadium Security, resulting in a program comprised of physical and electronic security equipment, tools, emergency planning processes and procedures, and properly trained personnel. This covers the entire stadium property, including the seating bowl and suites, gates, loading dock, inner and secondary perimeters, field, locker rooms, area housing utility and mechanical systems, command center, and parking areas.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Approved: March 23, 2016 | Expires: April 30, 2021

Cisco Systems, Inc. provides Advanced Malware Protection for Networks (“AMP for Networks” or the “Technology”). The Technology protects information technology networks from malware and system intrusion. The Technology detects, blocks, tracks, and contains malware threats across multiple threat vectors within an enterprise network.

The Turner Corporation

Approved: March 03, 2016 | Expires: March 31, 2021

The Turner Corporation and its subsidiaries provide Checked Baggage Inspection System Services (“CBIS Services” or the “Technology”). The Technology is a set of services that includes the development, installation, and training on maintenance of checked baggage screening systems at airports. The Technology also includes maintenance training, maintenance manuals, system warranties, maintenance management, and the qualifications of the personnel.

Genetec Inc.

Approved: February 02, 2016 | Expires: February 28, 2021

Genetec Inc. provides Omnicast (the “Technology”). The Technology is a Microsoft Windows-based secure IP Video Surveillance Software that provides management of video, audio, and data across IP networks. The Technology also includes training and internal certification of resellers, custom software services, user manuals, and help desk services.

Iveda Solutions, Inc.

Approved: January 07, 2016 | Expires: October 31, 2019

Iveda Solutions, Inc. provides Real-Time IP Video Hosting and Real-Time Remote Surveillance (the “Technology”). The Technology is a set of services designed to secure a site through the monitoring of a security system installed by a third-party partner of the Seller. The services include the Datacenter, Centralized Video Hosting, and Remote Monitoring.

Southwest Synergistic Solutions, LLC

Approved: January 07, 2016 | Expires: February 28, 2021

Southwest Synergistic Solutions, LLC provides the Emergency/Triage Light (the “Technology”). The Technology is a battery-operated light with several different settings which are used to represent personnel, equipment, and more. The Technology is used by military personnel and first responders for a variety of purposes, including nighttime personnel identification, multi-casualty incident initial field triage, setting up landing zones, marking equipment, and marking cleared rooms and marking hazards.