For Designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT), a technology must demonstrate effectiveness during operational testing or through prior use. Designation provides limited liability for third-party claims arising out of the deployment of the QATT with respect to an "Act of Terrorism." The maximum liability is determined by DHS, and the Seller is required to maintain liability insurance at that level. Other protections include immunity from punitive damages. A full Designation normally lasts for 5 years and can be renewed. Any technology deployed during its period of Designation is protected for the lifetime of its deployment.


Raytheon Foreground Security

Approved: December 15, 2017 | Expires: December 31, 2022

Raytheon Foreground Security and its parent, Raytheon Company provide Virtual Security Operations (the "Technology"). The Technology is hunting-based, managed security service leveraging automated threat intelligence and expert security analysts to provide cyber threat detection capability. The Technology also includes training for end-users.

Universal Protection Service, LP d/b/a Allied Universal Security Services

Approved: December 15, 2017 | Expires: January 31, 2023

Universal Protection Service, LP d/b/a Allied Universal Security Services, and Universal Protection Service, LLC d/b/a Allied Universal Security Services provide Shopping Mall Security Services (the "Technology"). The Technology provides physical security project management, and trained, unarmed security officers, at shopping mall facilities throughout the United States. The Technology includes security operations supported by on-site management and regional offices.

K2 Solutions, Inc.

Approved: December 15, 2017 | Expires: November 30, 2022

K2 Solutions, Inc., provides Single Purpose Explosive Detection Dog. The Technology is explosive detection canine teams comprised of one handler and one canine deployed to locate explosives in stationary objects such as vehicles, luggage, bags, and cargo at commercial and U.S. Government locations in the United States. The Technology includes hiring and vetting of personnel, policies and procedures, training, quality control, and operational deployment of the single purpose explosive detection dog teams.

St. Louis Cardinals

Approved: December 11, 2017 | Expires: December 31, 2022

The St. Louis Cardinals, LLC, SLC Holdings, L.L.C., St. Louis Cardinals Community Fund d/b/a Cardinals Care, Cardinals Ballpark, LLC, and Ballpark Site Holdings, Inc. provide the Busch Stadium Security Program (the "Technology"). The Technology consists of a series of physical and electronic security measures, as well as personnel providing that security at Busch Stadium. The Technology is deployed 24/7/365 for Major League Baseball (MLB) games, other sporting events (e.g., hockey, professional soccer, collegiate games, and bull riding), general entertainment events (e.g., concerts, family shows), and political events.

Owens Corning or Thermafiber

Approved: November 13, 2017 | Expires: December 31, 2022

Owens Corning Sales, LLC, Owens Corning Mineral Wool, LLC, Owens Corning Insulating Systems, LLC, Owens Corning, and Thermafiber, Inc., provide Owens Corning Perimeter Fire Barrier Containment System, FireSpan® Mineral Wool Products, and Insolutions® Design and Installation Services (the "Technology"). The Technology combines passive fire containment products and services, such as Thermafiber® mineral wool, FireSpan®, Safing, Impasse®, Perimeter Fire Barrier Containment Systems, Insolutions® Design Services, training, and vendor selection. It is designed to prevent, mitigate, or contain the spread of fire in buildings.

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Approved: November 07, 2017 | Expires: November 30, 2022

Northrop Grumman Corporation provides Tier 3 Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Services (the "Technology"). The Technology is the provision of services for the securing of cargo from importers who exceed the Tier 3 minimum security requirements promulgated by Customs and Border Protections’ Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Program. The Technology includes the implementation of policies, procedures, training, and a risk management framework to secure the goods of the supply chain being imported into the United States.

Southwest Airlines Co.

Approved: September 26, 2017 | Expires: September 30, 2022

Southwest Airlines Co. ("Southwest") provides Southwest Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program (the "Technology"). The Technology is the development and implementation of a TSA-approved Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program (AOSSP), inclusive of physical and electronic security measures, tools, and procedures. The Technology does not include security screening of airline passengers or passenger carry-on or checked baggage at airport terminals.

American Science & Engineering, Inc.

Approved: September 26, 2017 | Expires: October 31, 2022

American Science and Engineering, Inc. ("AS&E") provides the Mini Z® (the "Technology"). The Technology is hand-held screening system, which uses X-rays to detect threats such as organic material, plastic guns, ceramic knives, and explosives. The Technology also includes a 2-day training course, technical documentation and manuals, and maintenance and warranty services.

The Boeing Company

Approved: September 26, 2017 | Expires: October 31, 2022

The Boeing Company provides Border Security Systems and Services (the "Technology"). The Technology comprises hardware, software, and services intended to aid personnel charged with securing borders, critical infrastructure, facilities, and sites by providing real time situational awareness and decision support capabilities. The Technology also includes data, materials, and subscription services.

Cleveland Browns Stadium Company LLC

Approved: September 18, 2017 | Expires: October 31, 2022

Cleveland Browns Stadium Company LLC, Cleveland Browns Football Company LLC, JHAC, LLC, and the City of Cleveland provides Cleveland Browns Stadium Company Security Program for FirstEnergy Stadium (the "Technology"). The Technology is the implementation of the National Football League’s (NFL) Best Practices for Stadium Security, resulting in a comprehensive program comprised of physical and electronic security equipment, tools, emergency planning processes and procedures, and properly trained personnel, whose program encompasses the entire Stadium property, including the seating bowl and suites, gates, loading dock, inner and secondary perimeters, field, locker rooms, areas housing utility and mechanical systems, command center, and service level garage.