For Designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT), a technology must demonstrate effectiveness during operational testing or through prior use. Designation provides limited liability for third-party claims arising out of the deployment of the QATT with respect to an "Act of Terrorism." The maximum liability is determined by DHS, and the Seller is required to maintain liability insurance at that level. Other protections include immunity from punitive damages. A full Designation normally lasts for 5 years and can be renewed. Any technology deployed during its period of Designation is protected for the lifetime of its deployment.


The Boeing Company

Approved: October 25, 2019 | Expires: November 30, 2024

The Boeing Company provides Twister Data Framework. The Technology is a platform for developing data management applications and services intended to securely extract, transform, and load data that form the foundation for data analysis and decision-making by customers, across broad areas of operations. Typical extract, transform, load ("ETL") processes employ bulk extraction and loading. The framework allows analysts to rapidly access metadata with increased quality, speed, versatility, and reliability.

Fortior Solutions, LLC

Approved: October 02, 2019 | Expires: October 31, 2024

Fortior Solutions, LLC provides RAPIDGate® System (the "Technology"). The Technology is an identification and access management program consisting of equipment, software, and support services for personnel entering secure facilities. The Technology combined identity assurance, background screening, smart credentials, biometrics, and electronic access control into a program that was purchased on a subscription basis. The Technology also includes training, maintenance, and replacement of the furnished equipment and software (including periodic software updates and upgrades), and customer service and technical support.

K2 Solutions, Inc.

Approved: September 30, 2019 | Expires: October 31, 2024

K2 Solutions, Inc., a North Carolina corporation operates as a Certified Cargo Screening Facility-Canine ("CCSF-K9") provider in accordance with directives issued by the Transportation Security Administration ("TSA") for the screening and securing of cargo which will be transported on passenger and all-cargo aircraft (the "Technology").

Michael Stapleton Associates, Ltd.

Approved: September 30, 2019 | Expires: October 31, 2024

Michael Stapleton Associates, Ltd. provides SmartTech® Explosives Detection System. The Technology is a remote system allowing for the transmission of X-ray images to a remotely located bomb technician who provides immediate safety advice for the X-ray machine operator. The Technology also includes the recruitment, hiring, and training of SmartTech® personnel.

MorphoTrust USA Inc.

Approved: September 23, 2019 | Expires: October 31, 2024

IDEMIA Identity & Security USA LLC provides Enhanced Credential Authentication Technology (E-CAT). E-CAT is a suite of products that automatically verifies multiple security features on identification documents such as drivers’ licenses, passports, and other common forms of identification, to further enhance the security of the screening process. The Technology is for use by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) under TSA Contract HSTS04-14-D-CT2002.

Michael Stapleton Associates, Ltd.

Approved: September 23, 2019 | Expires: October 31, 2024

Michael Stapleton Associates, Ltd. provides Explosive Detection Canine ("EDC") Teams. The Technology is single-purpose explosive detection canine teams deployed to Government and commercial customers to locate stationary explosive materials or devices that may be concealed in containers, cargo, boxes, vehicles, luggage, etc. The Technology includes the recruitment, hiring, and training of the employees providing these services. The Technology does not include deployment of armed security personnel, or detection of person-borne explosives through the use of a canine following explosive scents to a distant or moving source.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Approved: September 16, 2019 | Expires: September 30, 2024

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey provides the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) Tunnel Breach Mitigation System. The Technology consists of security risk assessments and protective design and engineering services used to incorporate security-related design features into protection of critical assets related to the PATH system.

Ilitch Holdings Inc.

Approved: September 16, 2019 | Expires: October 31, 2024

Ilitch Holdings, Inc., Detroit Red Wings, Inc., Olympia Entertainment Events Center, LLC, Olympia Entertainment, Inc., ODM Management, LLC, Olympia Development of Michigan, LLC, ODM Parking, LLC, Arena Mixed Use, LLC, 313 Presents, LLC, Olympia JV LLC, and Ilitch Sports + Entertainment, LLC provides the Security Program for the Little Caesars Arena/Detroit Events Center. The Technology is a security program comprised of physical and electronic anti-terrorism security measures, tools, policies, procedures, and trained armed and unarmed personnel for the protection of Little Caesars Arena ("LCA")/ Detroit Events Center ("DEC," collectively "LCA/DEC"). LCA/DEC is owned by the Detroit Downtown Development Authority and is exclusively operated by the Seller.


Approved: September 13, 2019 | Expires: September 30, 2024

Gibraltar Material Distribution, LP, a Texas Limited Partnership, provides the Anti-Vehicle Barriers, a family of barriers designed to prevent vehicle-based attacks or the intrusion of vehicles into secured areas (the "Technology"). The barriers all meet the ASTM International standard ASTM F2656-07 Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers.

Boston Properties Limited Partnership

Approved: September 13, 2019 | Expires: October 31, 2024

Boston Properties Limited Partnership provides the Salesforce Tower Protective Design located at 415 Mission Street in San Francisco, California (the "Technology"). The Technology consists of a risk assessment process and the formation of a security design working group to incorporate security-related protective elements into the design and engineering of the newly constructed Salesforce Tower.