Approved Technologies

The SAFETY Act provides two levels of liability protections for approval: Designation and Certification. By obtaining either Designation or Certification, companies obtain a level of legal protection in case their technology is ever put to use during a terrorist attack. See below for a list of approved technology certifications.


ITT Industries, Inc.: Force Protection Team

Approved: February 11, 2005 | Expires: February 11, 2010

ITT Industries, Inc.'s Force Protection Team is a security services system for governmental installations and personnel that include a broad spectrum of security services ranging from armed and unarmed security, the monitoring of sensors, surveillance detection systems and guard and patrol dogs. Force Protection Team personnel undergo significant screening and specialized training before being deployed as qualified security professionals. The Force Protection Team conducts operations using detailed operations manuals, standing operating procedures, and battle drills to make protected installations an undesirable target for potentially hostile personnel or terrorist elements.

Lockheed Martin Corporation: Risk Assessment Platform

Approved: June 18, 2004 | Expires: June 18, 2009

Lockheed Martin Corporation's Risk Assessment Platform (RAP) is an automated threat-based risk assessment and vetting system. RAP includes hardware, software and services for implementing a system that captures and manages information for identifying potential terrorist threats. Its analytical processes assess the terrorist risk relating to processes, events, people, or other entities in near real-time.

Northrop Grumman Security Systems, LLC: Biological Detection System

Approved: June 18, 2004 | Expires: June 30, 2012

Northrop Grumman Security Services’ Biological Detection System (BDS) is designed to screen mail for the presence of anthrax spores as it is processed on automated mail sorting equipment in mailrooms.