Approved Technologies

The SAFETY Act provides two levels of liability protections for approval: Designation and Certification. By obtaining either Designation or Certification, companies obtain a level of legal protection in case their technology is ever put to use during a terrorist attack. See below for a list of approved technology certifications.


Delta Scientific Corporation

Approved: February 13, 2024 | Expires: January 31, 2031

Delta Scientific Corporation provides Vehicle Barriers, a family of crash-rated vehicle security barriers (the Technology). The Technology consists of fixed and transportable wedge barriers, bollards, and beam barriers, active bollards, and fixed crash gates. All SAFETY Act-protected models were crash-tested using ASTM International or Department of State test standards. Public and private sectors use the Technology for active access entry point and passive perimeter security as a deterrent and to prevent vehicles from being used to attack people, buildings, facilities, and infrastructure. The Technology includes a warranty; user manuals for installation, operations, maintenance, and safety; and other associated technical documentation.

Delta Scientific Corporation

Approved: August 22, 2018 | Expires: September 23, 2023

Delta Scientific Corporation provides Vehicle Barriers and bollards designed to act as obstacles that prevent vehicles from being used to attack buildings, facilities, and infrastructure (the "Technology"). All SAFETY Act-protected models of the Technology are constructed from steel and have been tested using American Society for Testing and Materials test standards.